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Corporate Wellness Coaching and Employee Development Program:

Wellness Coaching & Development programs help employees improve mental resilience or well-being.  While our bodies are moving less, we work longer hours, at a faster pace, and the “always-on” culture coupled with job uncertainty and economic instability can generate mental stress. This can lead to anxiety and depression disorders, staff burnout, low productivity and high staff turnover.

My corporate wellness coaching and employee development program plays an imperative role in the workplace.  My customized program is developed to offer a comprehensive range of workshops, short and long-term courses, retreats, team building activities, and/or worksite visits all focused on building the psychological resources needed for holistic well-being at work.

The ideas introduced and developed through activities include mindfulness at work, developing a growth mindset for boosting performance, emotional intelligence, well-being and workplace resilience, and a workshops for learning how to perform under pressure. There is also an opportunity to tailor the services to suit your organization.

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