Jay you helped me more than you think by teaching me to be a man by showing me that to build confidence come from within not the outside people You made me feel like I was enough and worthy to be what I wanted to be you showed me that I could be a linebacker you pushed me in ways I didn’t think were possible You were another dad to me you kept me on track told me that I have a bright future ahead of me and that I will accomplish many things and I’m doing it because of you Words cannot describe what you did for me you taught me to help others and to motivate others you made me a better person at the end of the day and a better young man and King and i thank you for that you were one of the biggest things in my life your weren’t just a coach or mentor you was my friend and still is thank you jay for everything i owe a lot to you you helped me overcome my depression thank you

- Jose

Jay Barnett is an excellent therapist with a very distinctive approach that embodies compassion and thorough accountability. His knowledge, experience and relatability gives him an edge way above the average therapist. His methods help bring down the fear of facing your challenges into doable and practical steps to resolve.

- Candy